Room In The Inn

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Location: Our Savior Lutheran Church / 5110 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37220

Evening: Requires one person to drive to Room at the Inn to pick up the 12 men assigned to OSLC for the night. There is dinner/desert preparation, set up for overnight and pack bag lunches for Saturday. The laundry is started, and someone helps with visits to the clothing closet. This group will share a meal with the men ~ there is a devotion or some singing and then dishes and clean-up of the kitchen.

Overnight: Requires two men who will finish laundry, give oversight to the men following the meal and showers and then sleep.

Morning: Typically the overnight staff starts the morning meal prep. The rest of the volunteers would arrive, serve and eat with the men. One person will drive the men back to Room at the Inn (around 6:00 am) and then laundry from the evening, cleaning showers and kitchen clean up.

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