Rhythm City Kids

Sunday morning gatherings are a blast for the entire family and we want you to know that we are creating a very safe place for your kids. Rhythm City Kids is for all children between the ages of 1 – 10 years old. Our leaders (who have all been cleared through background checks) will make sure that they are safe. Your kids will learn about Jesus, play games, make crafts and begin having a heart to serve the city, with you!

Rhythm City Kids Steps

1. When you arrive on Sunday, there is a convenient check-in table for you and your kids right next to the entrance.

2. You will be able to check your kids in and give them a sticker to wear that matches with a sticker that is given to you as their official guardian.

3. The children will stay during our gathering together and praising God through music.

4. We will then excuse all the children so they can head backstage for VIP Kids, with our leaders.

If this is your first time at Rhythm City, please feel free to check out the backstage area before or after our gathering, or simply ask one of our Rhythm City Kids volunteers to show you around. Please ask us for help if there is anything we can do to be a blessing to you and your kids!