Pulse Team Appreciation Picnic!

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Hey Rhythm City Pulse Team, this one’s for you. You guys are the backbone of our church, the real MVP’s, and the ones that make everything possible. To show our appreciation for your unending support, relentless prayer, and faithful serving, we want to spend some quality time having FUN. That’s something we don’t always make* the time to do, but we want you to know how appreciated and valued you are, we see all the dedication, all the sacrifices, and the hard work you pour into our ministry. So let’s take an afternoon as a church FAMILY to celebrate YOU, to celebrate US, and how together we form the hands and feet that are serving this city one Sunday at a time. So to all you Pulse Team rockstars, we hope you’ll join us on Sunday July 8th from 1-3 at Pastor Dave & Mia’s for a great time together. There will be food provided, but if you want to bring any games, or blankets to sit on….feel free & we will see you then!

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