Your Courage Builds Momentum – A Blog Post

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Something is stirring in our church right now. Can you feel it?

Its your courage.

Your courage to follow where Jesus is leading is invigorating and contagious.

And Momentum Begins with Your Courage!
  • Over 30 of you served at the TN Foster Care Safe Room on Sept. 10th.  That is awesome!
  • Many of you are praying about how God is calling you to lead. And I hear your courage in our phone calls, lunch meetings and coffee conversations!
  • You are listening to God over and above the distractions and busyness of your schedules!
  • You are trusting God to provide you with the abilities and energy to serve beyond your comfort zones!
  • You are praying with ferocity and focus!
  • You are leading Rhythm City Groups (5 of them now!!!)!
  • You are going out for meals with each other!
  • You are putting the needs of others before your own!
  • You’re expressing compassion through your giving to Hurricane Victims!
  • You came early for doughnuts and coffee to avoid the Titans traffic (and many of you still suffered through the traffic to gather in worship)!

Wow!  What a testimony of what God is doing in you and through you, despite you!!!

Here are 2 ways to keep it going and see this courage become even more contagious:
  • Keep serving (Pulse Team and Outreach) and leading!
  • Invite someone through a face-to-face personal invitation to serve and lead with you!  If you have had a positive experience with any of those bullet points above (serving, leading, praying, sharing meals, generosity, etc.) chances are someone else could really benefit from you inviting them to be a part of that too!  If you’re going to a Vision Dinner, invite someone else to come with you. If you’re having a meal, invite someone to join you. If you’re serving on the Pulse Team, invite someone to serve with you. If you’re taking time to pray every morning, ask others to pray at that same time of the day!

Let’s keep this momentum going! Join us for a Vision Dinner this month so we can keep the conversation going!  RSVP for a Vision Dinner by clicking here!

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